About Us

The love for the western culture started for the Shaw family in 1997. The Shaw’s established the first Mavericks in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Throughout the years they have expended to many other cities including Scottsdale, Arizona and Aspen, Colorado. Western designers have inspired the family to start mavericks apparel. Mavericks apparel includes all lamb skin leather and authentic fur . Apart from their own brand, mavericks also carries Double D Ranch, Scully, Old Gringo, Corral, Kimes Ranch, Tasha Polizzi and many more designers to cater to western lovers. 

Embark on an adventure into the soul of the Wild West at Maverick's of Scottsdale. This treasure trove pulsates with a vibrant collection of Native American-crafted jewelry, a symphony of turquoise mingling with the shimmer of sterling silver. Peek into our wardrobe of Western apparel, a medley of masculine and feminine styles seamlessly woven into the fabric of our collection.

Leather-crafted boots, stalwart companions of cowboys and cowgirls alike, find their home amongst us, whispering tales of bygone eras. Hats, the crowning glory of any Western ensemble, share space with the soft allure of furs. Stride in the pride of bolo ties, belt up in style and let Maverick's help you embrace the essence of the West.